Saturday, 31 December 2011

Year 2011

 Things that happened in year 2011 :-

1. It was a bit challenged for me in the first year of marriage. I'm not really used to do house chores all by myself. Fully monitored my own house. I still have friends and family to help whenever im at Mak house or in bujang house. Besides, i have to do ironing of kemeja which is i dont really expert to and i realy hate to do ironing.

2. Not used to have a mentua family which is sometimes have a lot of issues but the most best thing that i had is i have many cousins around my age that i never never had before. Maklum la cousins belah aku semuanya sudah berumur dan beranak pinak. ^ ^ You can just imagine when kenduri time. And we are just like the small kids who will always have plan on something without our parents notice.i likeee..

3.I had a chance to get pregnant but its just a short. I had a miscarriage and definitely will be unforgettable memories of my life.

4. Changed company from NGA to BASF. From the gardens building to the Menara TM building yang sangat buruk and sangat berbeza dari segi rupa dan juga bau.hihihii

5. I love Mak so much. Before this, i never had a chance to know her very well and same to her i guess.
We have been apart all this while even though we never been separated. Memang sebelum ni saya memang tak rapat dengan family. Theres a story behind this and pus stop. hihihi And now alhamdulillah, i still have the chance to be loved by her. And me, is her favorite dotter now, i guess.. (^_-)..

6. Singapore trip. I have a dream where i want to shop in singapore like a rich man..hahaha Hanyalah angan2 mat jenin saja ok..And i managed to do that just before the 2011 end. Surprisingly, it was not me who shopped that much, its Mr. Ajim who really interested to buy his Superman shirt, i only bought a couples of perfumes. Jadilah.. :D

Babai 2011,you have been kind to me..

And welcome to year 2012..please be more more niceeee to me than what 2011 have already did :D

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