Thursday, 29 September 2011

Beraya + Makan2 + Gathering Panda Villa 2011

Salam semua....

Semalam adalah hari terakhir kite berada di dlm bln Syawal yg indah..Means no more kuih raya n open house thru out dis yr until we meet another ramadhan again..hehehe However, i managed to make some Makan2 + beraya for my Pandan Villa geng at my Casa Riana little house...

Been thinking a lot of menu to cook on that day (eg: mee kari/mee grg/ns grg..) but unfotunately i dont hv enough cooking tools to do so..So vry limited menu that i can cook..Periuk pon i have to loan Mak Ngah Gee.. And the menu of that day also suggested by her.. So finally, menunye jd Spagethi + ns impit + kek batik (Requested by Cik Pah, but she cant make it on that day..xpela xd rezeki kn) + my new recipe - oreo cheese puding + samosa + soya bean milk and coke for the drink.. Tott nk msk sket2 je turn up jadi byk gile sos spagheti tuh..since Mr. Ajim cannt take spagethi at all so i just tapau2 kn bg kwn2 yg dtg... itu aje menu i, simple kn..hehehe maklum la i dont have maid summore i have to cook by myslef oni..Ok done with menu story here.. Thanx for u guys for coming to my house...Ain & Hubby, Linda & Hubby, Nik & fiance, Waty, Kak Ana, Is, Mek, Roy... My pleasure to have u guys enjoying the makan2 and talk talk talk with non stop...the laugh on that nite remind me during the old time with u guys...

Penat dh tulis now njoy time with the pic down here 


                                     oreo cheese puding --> very ugly look but damn nice it will
                                                      swallow smoothly into ur tekak..hehehe

                                       Kwn2 yg dtg...

                          org pertama yg sampai...heheh so i mmg xsempat lagi mandi ms tuh n tgh jd bibik..

Ok done updated my blog...2.18pm already and i have to make a move first....

Off to Gambang for company trip...nk gather at TM taxi stand at 230pm.. Daaaaaaaaaa!!!


Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Lets Woo00 Hoo000 @ Bukit Gambang Resort City, Pahang

Our company will organize a leisure company trip this wekend (30sept 2011 - 2 Oct 2011) at Bukit Gambang Resort City with the Hawaiian Theme Dinner....

Feel so excited and cant wait to Woo00 Hoo000!!!!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

There We Go!!! There We Go!!! Feel so YOUNG and FREE!!

Hi hi,

I've been SUPER DUPER (i like to use dis word to express how excited i'd be) excited cz i am already having a blog..hehehehehe hihihihi kekekee kahkahkah... : ) ... :D ..ape lagi emotions and emticons shud i put here to represent me..hehe..

Bcz of i'm a newbie in blogging so played around on how to post a video here..Maklum la nk blajar la mcm mane nk upload link kt sni kn...Think think and think..Pikir Pikir n pikir lagi..apa la lagu yg nk letak ni ek..Finallyyyy..Zassss..Luv dis song cz its cheer me up when i feel down.. Njoy!!

Alhamdullillah, finally i've created my own blog at this date --> 27.09.2011, 11.06PM


Alhamdullilah.. Afterrr sooooooo0000000000000 long, finally successfully created my own blog and i named it as 'The Taste of mine' for now. Since i have no idea to give sweet2 and cute2 name to my blog..Ah lantak la mesti bole edit punye kan later..

Actually, i feel very2 happy today bcz streamyx has been installed into my house..after waiting for 5 months and keep chasing the TM ppl..akhirnya yeahhhh..usaha tangga kejayaan..sbb tuh la tbe2 teringt nk bikin blog..asik bace blog org aje so arini sy merialisasikan impian mempunyai blog sendiri..hehehe

Till here, will keep writing, posting and update my blog from time to time..Insyallah..

Tataaaa....TiiTii...TuuTuuu... (",)
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