Friday, 23 October 2015

Riezqy turned 3 & mommy turned 31 this month..hehe

Alhamdulillah.. Allah ease everything for us..

Riezqy or nama manje nye 'abang' dh pon 3 tahun..
A bit delayed in speech but its ok i believe it will come in time my dear..
Alhmdulillah jgk sbb dh pegi check doctor & abg bukan under kanak2 austism.. just lambat cakap jew..

Okeys, this year no big celebration for you coz mommy already 5 months pregnant of your little sister/brother (coz we still don't know the gender yet as baby keep hiding and covered up his/her's part).

This is the 5th prenancy (OMG!!!) hahahaa every year aku pregnant..hahaha
But this time, we successed! Alhamdulillah, baby grows well and we passed the critical phase (early trimester).. Hope Allah permudahkan proses kehamilan ni sampai aku deliver nnt.

Ok back to the topic. Birthday Riezqy kali ni sambut sempoi2 je.. Actually so sudden plan..
Tetiba papa nk pegi beli kek, kfc and present for abang.. Mommy ikut kan ajela..

So ,we leave you at home stay with nenek, mommy & papa keluar dating beli barang2..hehe

Sempena birthday abang mommy kuar kan blk photo2 abang dari lahir sampai la ke 3 tahun ni..

Hari ke berapa entah lepas lahir.. Tp xsampai seminggu lagi mase ni..

Gambar 1st passport, abaikan seluar bwh tuh ye..actually dia dh pakai baju tidur mase ni.. Just sarungkan baju cantik je kat atas..hahaha
Gambar passport
-1 year, 7months-

Big celebration on his 1st birthday party!
Mickey Mouse Theme Party

Birthday Boy -1st year
-Oct, 2013-

2nd year : Birthday Party (Pororo Theme)
-Oct, 2014-

3rd year simple birthday party.. No theme..hehe
-Oct, 2015-

Happy faces..


The next day, we brought him to cinema for Hotel Transylvania 2..
Muka sememeh sbb meragam..hahaa  so far he quite well behave..
ekali je mintak keluar skjp...sejuk kot..

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Pizza Recipe - No yeast, No knead & No oven

Last friday, i was stucked at home coz working from home that day.. I was so lazy to go out to buy lunch and didnt have anything to cook.. I mean fresh food like fish, meat and etc..

Suddenly it came to my mind to make simple and easy pizza..
So i google with the key word as the title of this post.. And i found it..

Why pizza??
Because i just bought 500g of mozarella cheese a few days ago from bakery shop in Puncak Jalil..
Thats the only reason, just wanted to use the cheese..

There are plenty of pizza recipe you can find in the internet, but this one is the most simplest & easiest recipe i wanted to try.
Just use a few items from your kitchen.
(Jangan membazir hokey, skang dh x boleh nk bazir2 lagi dah, kene disiplin bila memasak)

Pizza Dough Recipe - No yeast, No knead, No Oven, No waiting
Source: spark recipe ( cant find the link when i search again..will update later once i found it)
2 cups of flour
2 tbs baking powder
1 tbs salt (next time i will put more)
2/3 cup water (160ml) i just use my son feeding bottle to measure this..
1/3 cup olive oil (80ml) can be substituted to any veg oil..
 Refer conversion chart here

Combined all the ingredients together and  stir until it forms a ball ..
Thats it..
See.. simple right??
I feel like mcm buat kuih cekodok aje tau.. so simple and easy..
Dont need to wait for the dough to be double size..If you use yeast you have to wait and the texture will be little bit like bread..I prefer my pizza crust to be little bit crispy thats why no yeast..
Since i dont have dough roller, so i just use hand to form the pizza dough..

I've  used prego sauce (kimball brand in tin).. Spread on the dough, put sausage and cover with mozarella cheese.
I'm lazy to bring out my oven from the store, so i just use magic pan with slow fire..

Update: I tried cook with oven lagi la bagus dan crispyyyy..

Surprisingly, the smell was soooooo niceee...
When i lift up from the pan i can feel the texture so nice..
When i eat, wallaaaaa so delicioussss.. like a real pizza we buy from domino or pizza hut..
( i can save RM30 if i order dominos delivery that day.. Memang selalu order delivery food esp bila WFH)
But ofcoz u have to eat while its still hot.. otherwise the dough will become hard when its cool.

I read the comment from the blog, everyone give a happy comment.. 4.6 out of 5..To proof that mmg sedapppp..

I don't want the recipe to be wasted (seriouslyyy sangat sedaaappp!!! i buat utk family sume tanye ni beli ke buat.. see utk membuktikan yg betul2 sedapppp dan berbaloiii..byk kali dh ulang sedapppp!!!hahaha ) and dont want to forget the measurement, so i just park the recipe here for my future reference.

Sory no photo.. Lazy to transfer photo to my lappy.. Sume org pon tau rupa pizza kannn.. ahakkkss..

OK bhubyeeeeee...dah 5.30 nk balik dh..

Monday, 31 August 2015

Kisah org yg tak MOVE ON!!!

Arini aku terjumpa kawan lama aku mase sekolah2 dulu.. Terserempak lalu bercerita la hal2 budak sekolah asrama dulu2.. Dia pon tanye aku nk join group bdk2 ex-asrama pompuan x..Takkan nk kata x nak..terpaksa la aku pon kate OK..

As usual,

You have added to "XXXX group"

Mcm biasa sume org dlm group tuh akan welcome kita kan.. Tapi ada sorang minah tuh sebaik saje aku joined that group, dia terus left...

"XXXX left the group"

I was like..WTH!!! Owh rupa2 nye minah ni still TAK MOVE ON.. Masih di takuk lama.. Masih berdendam dan marah kat aku.. Tapi kan aku pelik dia penah je anta whassap raya " Beb, Maaf Zahir Batin"..

Which means sekadar melepas kan batuk di tangga la konon2 takut di persoalkan di akhirat kelak.. Yelah kan Datok Fadzillah Kamsah selalu menasihatkan sebelum tidur sentiasa maaf kan org lain..

Aku dh kawen dan dh ada anak pon..And minah ni pon dh kawen.. So ape mslh dia skang ni??

BTW, cerita zaman sekolah kot.. org selalu sebut Cinta monyet or Puppy Love!!!!
Minah ni clash dgn BF dia then BF dia couple dgn aku sampai ke jinjang pelamin.. Ko nak salahkan sape?
Nak salahkan JODOH yg ALLAH dh tetapkan???
Owh by the way, i tak RAMPAS pon BF u ye.. You buat pasal kantoi kuar dgn laki lain then u'olls break off.. U dh masuk Uni dan aku pon dh msk kolej baru aku couple dgn dia.. Pastuh ko canang dgn bdk2 ex-asrama aku RAMPAS.. Baik punye ceritaaa.. selama ni aku diam sbb malas nk burukkan keadaan.. Org pon pandang sendeng je kat aku..

BTW, aku punya ex kat asrama tu pon dh berkahwin dgn 'org' yg aku kenal jgk.. Tapi aku x berdendam sampai ke mati pon.. Aku pernah je terserempak dgn dia..and kiteorg tegur mcm biasa.. siap gelak2.. aku ejek dia dh gemok and dia pon ejek aku dh chubby...COME ONN!!! sbb itu sume cerita lama.. masing2 ada cite puppy love masing2..

Kesimpulannye.. 1 jari ko tuding kat org, 4 jari tuding kat ko blk..
Maksudnye muhasabah la diri..Aku pon mungkin ada silap.. So pape pon please MOVE ON!!
Jangan seksa jiwa raga ko ngn dendam yg x ke mana2 pon.. Yang penting fokus kat family ko sudeh..

OK mls nk membebel dh.. Okey?? Doa yg baik2 saje..Pikir yg positive2 saje..

P/S : Kalo terserempak tuh x payah la nk menjeling/ melarikan diri dari aku ye.. Jom kita jmp and hai2 bye2 je sudeh..


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