Saturday, 31 December 2011

Year 2011

 Things that happened in year 2011 :-

1. It was a bit challenged for me in the first year of marriage. I'm not really used to do house chores all by myself. Fully monitored my own house. I still have friends and family to help whenever im at Mak house or in bujang house. Besides, i have to do ironing of kemeja which is i dont really expert to and i realy hate to do ironing.

2. Not used to have a mentua family which is sometimes have a lot of issues but the most best thing that i had is i have many cousins around my age that i never never had before. Maklum la cousins belah aku semuanya sudah berumur dan beranak pinak. ^ ^ You can just imagine when kenduri time. And we are just like the small kids who will always have plan on something without our parents notice.i likeee..

3.I had a chance to get pregnant but its just a short. I had a miscarriage and definitely will be unforgettable memories of my life.

4. Changed company from NGA to BASF. From the gardens building to the Menara TM building yang sangat buruk and sangat berbeza dari segi rupa dan juga bau.hihihii

5. I love Mak so much. Before this, i never had a chance to know her very well and same to her i guess.
We have been apart all this while even though we never been separated. Memang sebelum ni saya memang tak rapat dengan family. Theres a story behind this and pus stop. hihihi And now alhamdulillah, i still have the chance to be loved by her. And me, is her favorite dotter now, i guess.. (^_-)..

6. Singapore trip. I have a dream where i want to shop in singapore like a rich man..hahaha Hanyalah angan2 mat jenin saja ok..And i managed to do that just before the 2011 end. Surprisingly, it was not me who shopped that much, its Mr. Ajim who really interested to buy his Superman shirt, i only bought a couples of perfumes. Jadilah.. :D

Babai 2011,you have been kind to me..

And welcome to year 2012..please be more more niceeee to me than what 2011 have already did :D


Saturday, 19 November 2011

My First Felt Craft Project..

Felt Craft??? Ape tuh??? Mcm mane tuh???
That was the first Question everytime i told people my new hobby is Felt Craft..and ofcz i have to google some photos to show them what Felt Craft looks like...NVM, i was on the same impression too.. :)

Here's the story of how i've started with this hobby..

I am walked blogging here and there, masuk sana sni, until i found a sewing blog of one of hamba allah nih..and her blog mentioned bout Felt Craft DIY.. As what i mentioned at above, im googling it..
and its WoWed me... really..and bermula la episod buat research pasal hobi nih...

Then my new project has started..and im off n already forgot bout this hobby..Suddenly one of my project team member from Operation team (Faiezah), already did the Felt...and laju la i bertanye pasal Felt nih..kt mane nk dptkn material sume2 tuh..i she borrowed me her DIY books..since dia beli buku tuh from Korea, and ofcz sumenye dlm bahasa korea la xpe gambar2 dia boleh paham jgk la...hihihi..

Then bermula la cerita Felt Craft dlm hidup aku kini...aku nih bile time beria, sgt la bersemangat sampai join Felt Class tuh @ Kolej Komuniti Shah Alam by Sekoci Norli and Chomel Craft..sbb murah je class tuh pon rm20 tuk 2 hari nye class siap bhn2 sume bagi..Maka laju la sy register..n guess what im the first person that  registered on that class.. haa Soo Semangat kn..hihihi

Taraaaa... ini lah hasilnyeee ye..

Love Keychain..

Donut Keychain

Love Keychain Againn..hahaha

The other side of the love keychain above..

And a lot more felt in progress, insyallah..once it completely done,ill post it here ya.. 
Happy wekend all~!!!

Always sentimental when i think about how it was...

Hi all,

Sorry for being silent all this while, i've been busy with my work and my family plus Felt project as well.. : D...

Today im gonna chit chat bout do u define a F.R.I.E.N.D or K.A.W.A.N???

Hmmm.. there are thousands meaning of friend or friendship.. but to me 'Friend' is actually the people who knows very2 well  about you, either good or bad things..and they still likes you..

Truely, i dont have many closed friends or BFF... saya hanya ada kawan biasa sahaja..

Kawan2 dulu yg rapat skang ramai yg dah bertukar dari menjadi cik kini bergelar Puan.. and ada yg dah jadi Mommy pon..i think at this age memang macm tuh la hakikatnya kan..

Dulu masa single stay in rumah bujang sangat2 best...tergelak-gelak tgh2 mlm x ubah mcm p0ntianak...xbenti2 berdekah2 aje la... and bila sampai tang gadoh..huh haruU!!! biasa la tuh kan..heheeh masak ramai2, makan ramai2 n kemas pon ramai2...hihihi i really2 missed that life...and kalau la ada mesin ajaib yg boleh mgembalikn zaman tuh i dh lame guna kn...hehehe

I nih sometimes very serius, sometimes i pendiam mls nk bckp but when my head turns crazy, i mmg giler2 habis..hihihi i suke buat lawak n make silly shit jokes..especially i suka tiru kawan2 punye cara jalan, cara Linda bangun tdo, cara Cacat mbebel..hihiihi n mcm2 lagi lah..sgt2 best.. n ofcz that was only a joke from me, NO OFFENSE ye kawan2 ku... hihihi And saya mintak maaf sekiranya korang sume ada yang terasa dgn gurau senda itu..hihihi

Tapi kenapa sekarang semua berbeza wahai kawan2ku??? Does it because of the 'mariage' life or personal life that make you totally changed??? I tott it will be the same like before or it will last forever...

Now for you, my jokes really annoying and my laugh turns out really distracted for you...When i found that, i was like really2 upset.. :'( .. really..and untill now i still don believed that was YOU.. Dia lah one of my frenzs yg i sangat2 appreciate.. The way she look at me just like i am not matured enough..WhY??? do i need to behave like a 'Woman' in front of you?? OFCZ not..because i wanted to be MYSELF when im with my frenz...I tott you knw me very well..Mcm lah dia xkenal siapa I..and mcm lah dia xbiasa dgn I..and Ya, its all my bad and you are PERFECT!!

Its OK, NVM..I'll just stop saying anything about this and will never comments can just say anything about me, bcz i believed what goes around, will comes around..Allah itu adil..

Everytimes  Lagu 'Mean' by Pink played in my Media Players,bergenang air mata i dengan sendiri nyeee..xperlu di i'm always sentimental when i think about how it was...

The song lyrics mmg kene la dgn kami..

Song Title : Mean
By : Pink (Funhouse Album)

You used to hold the door for me, now you can't wait to leave
You used to send me flowers if you fucked up in my dreams
I used to make you laugh with all the silly shit I did
But now you roll your eyes and walk away and shake your head

When the spark has gone, and the candles are out
And the song is done and there's no more sound
Whispers turn to yellin and I'm thinkin

How did we get so mean?
How do we just move on?
How do you feel in the morning when it comes and everything's undone?
Is it cause we wanna be free? Well that's not me
Normally I'm so strong
I just can't wake up on the floor like a thousand times before
Knowing that forever won't be

Always sentimental when I think of how it was
When love was sweet and new and we just couldn't get enough

You know, I get so sad when it all goes bad
And all you think about is all the fun you had
And all those sorries ain't never gonna mean a thing, oh

Its easy to forgive an enemy than forgive a closed friend..
But I did it for our friendship..i pujuk myself to ignore all this stupid things..
I hope i can hold this breath for YOU friend... COZ  I really feel that we are awesome when together...
So make up your mind cause it's now or never....

This is me and always be me..

Monday, 31 October 2011

Breaded Sandwhich

Wahh name mcm gempak je kn..hahaha sesuai utk breakfast & mkn ptg seisi keluarga..

Ok juz make it short, jom tgk2 bhn2nye:-

Inti Sandwhich:-

1 tin Sardin
Bawang merah -dihiris2, kalau suka mkn bwg bubuh la byk sket..
Cili Boh
Sedikit cili sos..

Bahan2 breaded :-
1 biji telur

Sedikit bread crumb - boleh di beli di kedai bakery
Sedikit putih telur untuk melekatkan roti nanti..
Roti secukupnya.

1. Gelekkan roti bersama penggelek..
2. Tekapkan roti bersama acuan (bentuk bulat)..kalau xd guna kan cawan/mug/kole stainless steal..dan hasilnye sperti di bwh

3. Letak inti di tgh2 roti yg telah siap di bulat2kan..
(p/s: Please ignore the picture rotation, i dont knw y dis is happened when im upload certain pichas)
 4. Bahagian roti yg berinti kemudian di tutup dgn lagi 1 bahagian roti..Gunakan putih telur untuk melekatkan kedua2 belah roti tersebut.. Celupkan roti ke dalam telur dan celupkan pula ke bread crumb..Buat byk2 sampai habis then goreng dgn myk secukupnya hingga kekuningan..
Siap untuk di makan..Makan panas2 sangat la sedapppp...hingga xcukup 1 buku roti kalo mkn 1 family ok..hihihi Soo, kalau family members ramai boleh la beli roti size Jumbo ye..sebab kalo beli yg standard size roti mmg xckp sbb dpt sket aje nnt...

Selamat Mencuba!!!


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Salmon Terriyaki in da house...

A'smlkm all,

Its been long since i didnt update my blog.....

Is because my new project (Korea) already started.....

Busy tetap busy but still managed to cook Salmon Terriyaki at home.. Act i beli Salmon nih dekat Giant since arituh ada nampak dalam paper ada promotion Salmon kt situ..Sooo ape lagiii....Mlm tuh jugak ajak Mr. Ajim pergi dpt la grab Salmon Fillet RM 13.90 1 slice.. tengah2 duk pilih2 ikan salmon nih, tibe2 perut aku bgerudi giler2...adesss 'nature call' yg teramat berlari2 la kuar cari toilet..Jadinye Mr. Ajim la yg pilih and dia beli 2 keping.. Jadi bermula la al kisah si Salmon Terriyaki yang di import khas dari negara matahari terbit ini..

Salmon Terriyaki

1. Marinate the Salmon Fillet with Terriyaki Souce (also available in Giant).

2. Method nk masak Salmon nih byk..ada yg Grill ada yg bakar dalam Oven, ada yg goreng and mcm2 lagi.. Since kt umah tak ada grill and Mr. Ajim request kalo bole nk kulit salmon tuh ranggup katenye..macam ala2 kt Sushi King/ Sushi Zanmai tuh..End up i goreng aje la...Tapi hati-hati ye sebab mase goreng minyak nye akan terpercik2 sampai habis dapur i berlengasss..Mungkin sebab air salmon tuh kot..

3. Goreng sampai kulitnye garing tapi jangan terlalu masak sangat nnt daging Salmon tuh keras and tak sedap..

                                   Si Salmon yang sedang di goreng oleh saya..ngeh ngeh ngeh~!

Last sekali, hidangkan dengan nasi butter (Butter rice)..Haa nasi nih i main belasah je..sebab bila i pikir2 kn balik mcm tak match je mkn Salmon dgn nasi putih biasa tuh..tak sangat Jepun Hokeh namanya!!!..hahahah

Butter Rice:
Melt kan 2 sudu butter dalam rice cooker, tumiskan bwg putih & bwg merah..dah naik wangi dan garing masukkn beras yg sudah di basuh..gaul2kan dan tambahkn air seperti kite masak nasi mcm biasa..

Oleh kerana i malas serta mau pantas, masa masak nasi tuh i steam kan skali sayur2 like brocoli, cauliflower and carrot..

Ok, im done..Anjeeee oo000 Anjeee...jom makan!!!hehehe

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Pooopiii Pooopii Poooppii Ahhh!!!

Afternoon all,
Masa last company trip arituh, ada 1 team buat dance performance yg sgt best..
Diaorg semua menari dgn lagu Bo Peep Bo Peep nih..very cute cat dance..hehehe 
Bile dgr je lagu nih, dgn kite2 skali nk ikot dia menari..hehe

Jomm layannnn vc di bwh ni..

Seafood Carbonara Spaghetti

Salamat petang semuaaa....

Sonok jgk ek ada blog nih..bole la kita menceceh ape2 je topic kt sini....

Ok la, today im gonna menceceh about seafood carbonara spaghetti..
Masa buat mkn2 arituh, Mr. Ajim beli punya la byk spaghetti sampai 3 peket..
1 bungkus dh abis mase buat mkn2, 1 bgks lagi dh bwk blk umah mak n tgl la lagi 1 bgks yg belom berusik..
So ape lagii..moh kite memasak seafood cabonara nih....

p/s: act dis is my first trial buat carbonara..Jom kite tgk bhn2 dia...........

Seafood Carbonara Spaghetti

Bawang putih

Bahan2 A:
Fish balls (I saje tambah)
Fish cake (I saje tambah)
Sausage (I saje tambah)

Bahan2 B:-
Slice mushroom ( I tak letak coz mls nk trn beli)
Sedikit udang (di buang kulit)
Sedikit sotong

Bahan2 Sos:-
Carbonara Sos (I guna Prego aja, senang, simple + sedap (3S))...hehehe
1/2 cwn fresh milk/ water ( I guna fresh milk)..
Sedikit garam

Hiasan :
Parsley flake

Tumis bawang putih hingga naik garing dan wangi, mskkn bahan2 A..msk hingga agak2 dh garing sket then mskkn bhn B..kemudian kacau hingga udang n sotong dh separuh msk...then mskkn sos carbonara kacau sket then mskkn fresh milk n kacau sampai mgelegak..Siap!

Yummm Yummm...sungguh sedap di makan ketika panasss...

Mr. Ajim xsabar dh nk makan, tp i thn sbb nk amik pic dulu semata2 nk upload dlm blog nih..heheheh

Taraaaaaa!!!! Lihatlah hasilnyeee ini...

Carbonara Sos

My first trial of seafood carbonara spaghetti...  :D

Selamat Mencuba!!!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Beraya + Makan2 + Gathering Panda Villa 2011

Salam semua....

Semalam adalah hari terakhir kite berada di dlm bln Syawal yg indah..Means no more kuih raya n open house thru out dis yr until we meet another ramadhan again..hehehe However, i managed to make some Makan2 + beraya for my Pandan Villa geng at my Casa Riana little house...

Been thinking a lot of menu to cook on that day (eg: mee kari/mee grg/ns grg..) but unfotunately i dont hv enough cooking tools to do so..So vry limited menu that i can cook..Periuk pon i have to loan Mak Ngah Gee.. And the menu of that day also suggested by her.. So finally, menunye jd Spagethi + ns impit + kek batik (Requested by Cik Pah, but she cant make it on that day..xpela xd rezeki kn) + my new recipe - oreo cheese puding + samosa + soya bean milk and coke for the drink.. Tott nk msk sket2 je turn up jadi byk gile sos spagheti tuh..since Mr. Ajim cannt take spagethi at all so i just tapau2 kn bg kwn2 yg dtg... itu aje menu i, simple kn..hehehe maklum la i dont have maid summore i have to cook by myslef oni..Ok done with menu story here.. Thanx for u guys for coming to my house...Ain & Hubby, Linda & Hubby, Nik & fiance, Waty, Kak Ana, Is, Mek, Roy... My pleasure to have u guys enjoying the makan2 and talk talk talk with non stop...the laugh on that nite remind me during the old time with u guys...

Penat dh tulis now njoy time with the pic down here 


                                     oreo cheese puding --> very ugly look but damn nice it will
                                                      swallow smoothly into ur tekak..hehehe

                                       Kwn2 yg dtg...

                          org pertama yg sampai...heheh so i mmg xsempat lagi mandi ms tuh n tgh jd bibik..

Ok done updated my blog...2.18pm already and i have to make a move first....

Off to Gambang for company trip...nk gather at TM taxi stand at 230pm.. Daaaaaaaaaa!!!


Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Lets Woo00 Hoo000 @ Bukit Gambang Resort City, Pahang

Our company will organize a leisure company trip this wekend (30sept 2011 - 2 Oct 2011) at Bukit Gambang Resort City with the Hawaiian Theme Dinner....

Feel so excited and cant wait to Woo00 Hoo000!!!!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

There We Go!!! There We Go!!! Feel so YOUNG and FREE!!

Hi hi,

I've been SUPER DUPER (i like to use dis word to express how excited i'd be) excited cz i am already having a blog..hehehehehe hihihihi kekekee kahkahkah... : ) ... :D ..ape lagi emotions and emticons shud i put here to represent me..hehe..

Bcz of i'm a newbie in blogging so played around on how to post a video here..Maklum la nk blajar la mcm mane nk upload link kt sni kn...Think think and think..Pikir Pikir n pikir lagi..apa la lagu yg nk letak ni ek..Finallyyyy..Zassss..Luv dis song cz its cheer me up when i feel down.. Njoy!!

Alhamdullillah, finally i've created my own blog at this date --> 27.09.2011, 11.06PM


Alhamdullilah.. Afterrr sooooooo0000000000000 long, finally successfully created my own blog and i named it as 'The Taste of mine' for now. Since i have no idea to give sweet2 and cute2 name to my blog..Ah lantak la mesti bole edit punye kan later..

Actually, i feel very2 happy today bcz streamyx has been installed into my house..after waiting for 5 months and keep chasing the TM ppl..akhirnya yeahhhh..usaha tangga kejayaan..sbb tuh la tbe2 teringt nk bikin blog..asik bace blog org aje so arini sy merialisasikan impian mempunyai blog sendiri..hehehe

Till here, will keep writing, posting and update my blog from time to time..Insyallah..

Tataaaa....TiiTii...TuuTuuu... (",)
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