Friday, 23 October 2015

Riezqy turned 3 & mommy turned 31 this month..hehe

Alhamdulillah.. Allah ease everything for us..

Riezqy or nama manje nye 'abang' dh pon 3 tahun..
A bit delayed in speech but its ok i believe it will come in time my dear..
Alhmdulillah jgk sbb dh pegi check doctor & abg bukan under kanak2 austism.. just lambat cakap jew..

Okeys, this year no big celebration for you coz mommy already 5 months pregnant of your little sister/brother (coz we still don't know the gender yet as baby keep hiding and covered up his/her's part).

This is the 5th prenancy (OMG!!!) hahahaa every year aku pregnant..hahaha
But this time, we successed! Alhamdulillah, baby grows well and we passed the critical phase (early trimester).. Hope Allah permudahkan proses kehamilan ni sampai aku deliver nnt.

Ok back to the topic. Birthday Riezqy kali ni sambut sempoi2 je.. Actually so sudden plan..
Tetiba papa nk pegi beli kek, kfc and present for abang.. Mommy ikut kan ajela..

So ,we leave you at home stay with nenek, mommy & papa keluar dating beli barang2..hehe

Sempena birthday abang mommy kuar kan blk photo2 abang dari lahir sampai la ke 3 tahun ni..

Hari ke berapa entah lepas lahir.. Tp xsampai seminggu lagi mase ni..

Gambar 1st passport, abaikan seluar bwh tuh ye..actually dia dh pakai baju tidur mase ni.. Just sarungkan baju cantik je kat atas..hahaha
Gambar passport
-1 year, 7months-

Big celebration on his 1st birthday party!
Mickey Mouse Theme Party

Birthday Boy -1st year
-Oct, 2013-

2nd year : Birthday Party (Pororo Theme)
-Oct, 2014-

3rd year simple birthday party.. No theme..hehe
-Oct, 2015-

Happy faces..


The next day, we brought him to cinema for Hotel Transylvania 2..
Muka sememeh sbb meragam..hahaa  so far he quite well behave..
ekali je mintak keluar skjp...sejuk kot..

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