Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Alhamdullillah, finally i've created my own blog at this date --> 27.09.2011, 11.06PM


Alhamdullilah.. Afterrr sooooooo0000000000000 long, finally successfully created my own blog and i named it as 'The Taste of mine' for now. Since i have no idea to give sweet2 and cute2 name to my blog..Ah lantak la mesti bole edit punye kan later..

Actually, i feel very2 happy today bcz streamyx has been installed into my house..after waiting for 5 months and keep chasing the TM ppl..akhirnya yeahhhh..usaha tangga kejayaan..sbb tuh la tbe2 teringt nk bikin blog..asik bace blog org aje so arini sy merialisasikan impian mempunyai blog sendiri..hehehe

Till here, will keep writing, posting and update my blog from time to time..Insyallah..

Tataaaa....TiiTii...TuuTuuu... (",)

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