Sunday, 9 December 2012

Homemade Nutella Recipe

Since having a baby, honestly said i dont have enough time to cook coz my baby slalo meragam...
When hungry , i just grab a few slices of bread and 3in 1 milo sachet to cover up my hunger... I know some of u might have easy going baby to take care of but my baby really cried a lot..especially at night..

But currently coz im staying with in law, agak segan jugak la if i didn't help them in cooking or do any house i've decided to find out how to make a homemade nutella.. reason why nutella?? is because all the kids in the house love to eat bread with any kind of jem or spread.. if my MIL bought a big jar of jem/cheese spread, its only can last for a few days.. so wanna help my MIL to save money by making a homemade Nutella..Nak beli Nutella di supermarket mahal kan.. so here we go --->>> Do It Yourself!!!

You can get the recipe from the video below..

However, since the blender in the kitchen was not suitable for making this (blade dia tumpul so kacang x hancur sgt and gula pun x hancur), so i have to use another method. Jom tgk!

Homemade Nutella Recipe :-

Hazelnut ( I used almond)
Cocoa Powder 
Almond oil ( I substitute to butter)
Coffeemate ( I added)
Little bit of Nescafe ( I added)
Little bit of Milo ( I added)

My style :-

1. Blend almond slice
2. Hit up your pan, melt the butter.
3. Pour cocoa powder, sugar, powdered almond, coffemate, nescafe and milo. 
4. If too thick, add some water (sikit sgt)
5. Stir till well mixed or berkilat and try taste it, if too bitter add more sugar or coffemate..pandai2 la adjust rasenye  ye..
6. Keep it in a jar and enjoy eating!!!

I can say the taste wallah! yummy and similar to the Nutella taste that selling in the supermarket and its cheap too.. :D

Happy trying!



  1. wah wah wah .. nutella pon homemade. Bagusnya... bila la akak nak try ni. Lama dah x membaking ;)

    1. hahahaha yela org tuh bz memasak and membacuh air kt kedai..hahaha sorry kak xkesempatan lagi nk singgah bz ngn bby la..ssh nk kuar..


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