Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Breastfeeding Story (After giving birth)

Bosannyeee harini.. Assignment ada tp xd la busy sgt so rase mcm nk update blog yg x berapa nk meriah sgt ni sbb xd post2 yg best..So today nk share about breastfeeding story/journey based on my own experience.

After giving birth
Since become a mother who fully breastfeed my son, my entire or whole life activities are totally changed. At the beginning, it was very hectic with milk pumping schedule. Every 2 hours have to express milk. Can u imagine how tired and busy i am at that time, plus I was alone in the hospital fully take care of my little baby..

Ok lets start.. :)

First of all, i want to inform all mother-to-be out there that after delivery, don't put high expectation to your own milk . Why I said this because from my observation, i saw in the hospital that a lot of new mother like me, they were very very stressful to breastfeed their new born baby. It is because after delivery, milk will not be produced too much and its just like 10ml - 30ml per time(30mins pump). Of course your little one will cry due to not enough milk. And this situation will make you struggle, panic and feel kelam kabut (my term is kelam kelibut) coz u think u have not enough milk. Its normal beb! It happened to me also and honestly its very hard to deal with this feeling. See my 1st milk after 30mins pump on second day of delivery. Nurse pon tergelak tgk..hehe Its ok at least we try right??

Dont give up mom!!!! At this phase what you should do is you have to motivate yourself to be positive that you can do it for the sake of your child. That you want to give the best to your little one, of course. Please ask people around you (especially those experienced ppl), observe them how they plan their pumping schedule, what food  or supplement they consume to increase milk production. Read article from internet also will help a lot. Please don't stress yourself because i've experienced it when you stress milk will not be produced and will become lesser and  lesser. Just be calm and smileeeeeee...

During my day in the hospital, i was lucky eventhough i'm alone there but the breastfeeding specialist will come everyday and teach me how to stimulate my milk, how to deal with engorgement and etc. Masa ni i pon turut mengamalkan doa seperti berikut:-

Doa before i start expressing..kena tawakal, bersabar serta yakin akan rezeki Allah..

Admit that sometimes i have to feed my little one with formula milk(FM) but its only when i have really out of energy to express (you know 30 mins could be very long hour if you really tired and backpain to express)..Sorry baby, mom too tired, headache due to not enough sleep and backpain..Mom also need some rest...forgive me that i have to feed you with FM..but its ok skali skala tukar seleraaa kan...hehehe 

Besides, im also taking yogurt drinks (uncold) to boost up my milk. Eat a lot of sawi (some ppl say dont eat batang sawi coz angin) and drink a lot of warm water.Tips!!!1. Please make a routine before you start expressing drink 1 glass of water, during and even after expressing. 2. Baca Bismillah and selawat 3x and tiup to both breasts.

See!!! This pic showing my milk production after 1 month of delivery. 

Below pic when i'm already back to work after finish maternity leave.

Good luck and be positive mom! Its just a temporary that later on u will be satisfied  on what you have done  when see your little one is happy and healthy... 

Selit sikit pic Riezqy kat sini ye..hahaha

Much Love,


  1. clap2!!!! tahniah beb!!! teruskan usaha! chaiyok~!!!

    1. hehehe aku ingt lagi ko punye ayat "percayalah dgn keupayaan kopek sndr" wwawawa

  2. wow..meremang kopek aku..nguahnguahnguah.. semangat aku nak mengepam..


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