Friday, 26 April 2013

Review: Pegion Warehouse Sales 2013

Hello..Wanna share story about Pegion Warehouse sales (WS) that was held on last 20-21st April 2013 at SS13 ( Near Summit USJ).

I received information about this sales from my sister coz she asked me to go and she wanted to kirim barang from me.. Initially i was like hmm im not interested to go to Pigeon brand warehouse sales coz at the same week Pureen also have warehouse sales in PJ area. But since Pigeon WS was held near summit usj which is near with my place and husband says he lazy to drive so i just xpela..ok aje pigeon kan..

Hmm mula2 sampai that area, i said to my husband "u tgk org yg keluar from WS tu mcm xbyk je beli..semua plastik kecik2 je..brg xbest kot".. that was my first impression coz khemah for Pegion WS just small..xbesar pon..

But the minutes i enter that WS, owh my god! murah2!!! murah2!!! ape lagi terus mengelupor la amik plastik and pilih2!!! hahahaha Suprisingly mr. Ajim pon asik mskkn baju2 dlm beg plastik dia jgk..aiyooo dh double plak brg2 yang kiteorg ambik.. Mr. Ajim siap ckp "haaaa ni worth beli..mcm ni br la warehouse sales..yg kt expo tuh setakat murah singgit 2 hengget je" (coz mr. ajim selalu membebel kalo i suka pergi expo coz dia kata x worth sgt laaaa.. tp i ttp pergi jgk!hahaha)

So i can conclude that Pigeon WS mmg worth pergi but not many choices la.. Actually i target nk beli breast pad mmg cheap RM12 (60pcs) tp staff dia kate dh abis awal pagi lagi coz org byk memborong. Xpe la xde rezeki kali ni..

Items that we grabbed on that day. Total damage is only RM80

Liquid Cleanser RM10 (2 bottles). Expired in July but still ok.I can use to wash vege and fruits also.. :)
Pacifier RM2 (outside RM7-10)
Pigeon Feeding Bottle (Teat dia mmg lembut mcm real nenen) RM10 (outside RM39.90)

Baju mmg berquality 100% cotton..Kalau kt jusco baju pigeon mmg mhl sket dr yg lain around rm22-29 and towel baby pon murah jugak & size besar RM5. 
MIL i ckp rugi beli 1 je..hahaha xpe la mama..lain kali bole beli lagi..
Short Sleeve RM4, Long Sleeve pon RM4.. Mr. Ajjim angkut 2 2 design yg sama..

Price range RM4 - RM6

Long pants RM6

Barang2 yang lain :-
(Sumber cedok dr 1 blog lain)
Liquid Cleanser 200ML RM4 (Harga biasa RM15)
Nasal Aspirator RM4 (harga biasa RM12.50)
PPSU bottle 160ML RM10 (harga biasa RM37.90)
Weaning bottle RM4 (harga biasa tak sure)
baju-baju RM5-RM12 (harga biasa berbelas hingga berpuluh) 

towel RM5 & RM3. (harga biasa pun tak sure)
pacifier@puting RM2 (RM7.90 - 15)
Peristaltic nipple RM3 (harga biasa RM11)
Sterilizer RM100 (harga biasa RM450)
Electric breastpum RM100 (harga biasa RM400++)
Manual breastpump RM50 (harga biasa RM100++)

(Note: Kotak2 barang2 ni semua nya mmg dh lusuh sket la ye..nama pon warehouse sales kan.. kne la tengok and belek betol2 before beli esp yg eletric punya barang2)

Kesimpulannye memang puas hati pergi pegion WS ni.. \^ v ^/

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