Saturday, 19 November 2011

My First Felt Craft Project..

Felt Craft??? Ape tuh??? Mcm mane tuh???
That was the first Question everytime i told people my new hobby is Felt Craft..and ofcz i have to google some photos to show them what Felt Craft looks like...NVM, i was on the same impression too.. :)

Here's the story of how i've started with this hobby..

I am walked blogging here and there, masuk sana sni, until i found a sewing blog of one of hamba allah nih..and her blog mentioned bout Felt Craft DIY.. As what i mentioned at above, im googling it..
and its WoWed me... really..and bermula la episod buat research pasal hobi nih...

Then my new project has started..and im off n already forgot bout this hobby..Suddenly one of my project team member from Operation team (Faiezah), already did the Felt...and laju la i bertanye pasal Felt nih..kt mane nk dptkn material sume2 tuh..i she borrowed me her DIY books..since dia beli buku tuh from Korea, and ofcz sumenye dlm bahasa korea la xpe gambar2 dia boleh paham jgk la...hihihi..

Then bermula la cerita Felt Craft dlm hidup aku kini...aku nih bile time beria, sgt la bersemangat sampai join Felt Class tuh @ Kolej Komuniti Shah Alam by Sekoci Norli and Chomel Craft..sbb murah je class tuh pon rm20 tuk 2 hari nye class siap bhn2 sume bagi..Maka laju la sy register..n guess what im the first person that  registered on that class.. haa Soo Semangat kn..hihihi

Taraaaa... ini lah hasilnyeee ye..

Love Keychain..

Donut Keychain

Love Keychain Againn..hahaha

The other side of the love keychain above..

And a lot more felt in progress, insyallah..once it completely done,ill post it here ya.. 
Happy wekend all~!!!

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