Monday, 20 February 2012

Valentines cupcakes for my friend...

Hi all,

So sorry for being silent for quite a while as i dont have interesting activities to story here..
Just recently, my friend Roy has orderred Valentines cupcake for his frienz..

Honestly, this was the first time i did cupcakes that I have to think about the cuppies decoration to make sure the deco looks nice n chomel when together in the box..
The one that Kak Long has ordered was for her  baby 's Aqiqah (Baby Shower) as a door gift to her guess..
So no need to think about the deco so much as its only 1 piece in a box like in the pic below.

It just 25pcs btw, but it took me almost 4 hours to finish the deco..(because i have to think about the idea what to looks nice.. i've been googling to get the ideas and i try to mix n matched it with the other ideas..)

And the final looks like the below pics:

And as a special gift to a friend, i've tied up a ribbon to the box to make it look more nicer and sweet.

Hope Roy and his friends like the cuppiesss...Mmmuahh

D' baker,


  1. terror la ko ni..creative.. ni mmg totally bukan bidang aku.... salute ar kat ko..

    satu lg, pe kata ko disable kan word verification tiap kali org bg comment? ko godek la kat setting, bahagian comment.

  2. big clap ... wah wah ... dh amik oder skrg ye. leh akak oder gak .. kikiki...

  3. To Linda >> hahaha aku tau ni bukan bidang yg ko ape nk buat,tbe2 minat lak kat area time free je la bole jgk slalo tuh..

    To Kak Ain >> alahai kak, tgn mgigil lagi tuh..akak buat lagi akak xd kt sni xd geng la plak nk bertukar2 cerita psl baking.. :'(


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