Sunday, 15 January 2012

Yummy light cheese cake..

Hi Salam Monday All,

Today's entry is about another type of cake that i think very simple and easy to make..
Coincidently, I know about this cake from my colleague Megan, she bought the whole cake for her and she say she can finish the whole cake by herself.. Because she say its only light cheese cake and its will swallow smoothly when u eat the cake.. 

Glurppp..sound nicee isnt it?? 

but i dont want to buy the cake for myself  coz i   am not a cake lover (i just njoy baking) summore its cost me RM20.. Ujung bulan beb mase tuh..paham2 aje la..liat sket nk kuar kan duit sekadar utk merasa secoiet kek nih kan..

And suddenly i saw one of blogger in my list did baked this cake.. 

Wow~!!! That was good and i wanted to try it a while ago but Mr. Ajim dont allow me to do any baking since he said "Membazir la sapa nak makan..Nanti penat nk kemas2 dapur lagi.." my heart menjawab "alaaa xpela..i juz wanna bake something because i just love to do that even without any reason or any occasion"..Then i hold my niat..

Then last wekend, while Mr. Ajim and I were really bosan sitting at home,he say "Jom pergi rumah mak ngah, u ajak la Nini (his cousin) baking and ill play games with Amat (his cousin too)".. 

I pon laju say yessss, jom!!! 

Dalam hati melompat kesukaan.. Dah lama simpan hajat nak baking nih akhirnyeeee... 

Ape lagi siap2 bwk bahan2 yg dah lama terperam tuh ke rumah Mak Ngah Gee..

I got the recipe from Yummylicious which i think she got it from Hasue.

After did some research about this recipe, i read a comments that their cake's texture not turn up very well because the fresh milk was supposed to be only 200ml while the recipe used 300ml of fresh milk..

Tettttt..which one should i follow nih yeah??

Turn up i decided to just used 200ml of fresh milk..Hopefully i get the nice texture if not, means, kene try lagi skali la guna sukatan yang lain plak nampaknye.. (^ _^')

Light Cheese Cake
by : Hasue /Yummylicious

Let's see the ingredients to make this cake :-
125g cream cheese (i used 150g of Philadelphia cream cheese)
200ml fresh milk (i used HL)
80 gram butter
80gram flour
80gram sugar castor
3 Size A - egg (separate yolk and whites)
A few drops of vanilla essence

Method :-
1. In a small pot, stir cream cheese and fresh milk until well mixed and add butter, stir again until well mixed. Put aside. (Note ;- i letak atas api yang kecik untuk memudahkan cream cheese cair dengan cepat).

2. Beat egg whites and sugar until meringue. Put aside

3. Beat egg yolks until fluffy and pour mixture of cream cheese,fresh milk and butter in Method no. 1.
Put in little by little of flour by using hand whisk until combined. Lastly, added in meringue and vanilla essence.
(Note:- Jangan kacau terlampau kuat sangat ye..dah well mixed tuh kire dah cukup dah..)

4. Pour mixture into lined and greased tin with butter and bake at 160C for about 45 minutes using bain marie method. For more details of Bain marie or steam bath, can refer to Kak Azlita from masam manis. She gave deep explanation about this method in her blog.Thanks ye Kak Ita. Very much appreciated on your information that you willing to share it to others. Semoga beroleh kebaikkan dari Allah. Amin.

Cake nih lepas bakar dia akan turun sikit size nye ye..

Anyway, a very nice cheese cake that i'm gonna repeat to bake this again in the future. Insyallah  ^ ^

Happy Baking All,

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